Rent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris container


Preventing fraud on the Internet

Preventing fraud on the Internet Have you ever been the victim of Internet fraud? Or do you know someone who has had a lot of problems with this? As more and more people go online more and more cases of Internet fraud are surfacing. From sellers on Marktplaats who fail to deliver products to stealing bank and identity data. No matter where you are on the internet it is always wise to pay attention. Internet fraud - beware Since almost everyone can be found online it naturally attracts people with

Backlinks for better ranking

Backlinks for better ranking Backlinks are links that point to your website. This was and is an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It tells Google and Bing how popular your website is hosting and how often it appears on the Internet. However it has become a lot sharper after the updates to the search engines. Backlinks on sites that actually have nothing to do with the subject of your website are not counted. And these can even cause a penalty against you. Google and Bing want

Kentico hosting

Kentico hosting and installation At we always want to bring up as many choices for you as possible. It is not that you only have 1 choice when you want to start a website hosting or webshop. Therefore it is advisable to do some research and browse through our knowledge base and blog before you decide for yourself. Just "switching" CMS is actually not possible there is always a lot of work involved. That's why it's so important to look around and find the best fit for you.

Fast hosting WordPress

Fast hosting WordPress Have you started a new business and don't have a web page yet? Or maybe your company has launched a new product and you want to set up a website for the product? Or maybe you need a personal page for yourself quickly? Whatever your reasons for seeking fast hosting - WordPress will get you up and running quickly. Read on to find out exactly how fast hosting WordPress works and how can help you with this. Do you want your website online fast? In today's

Concrete 5 hosting

Today in the spotlight the Concrete 5 CMS! We at try to get your attention for solutions and ways of working that you might not normally encounter. When you want to start working on your website a lot of people immediately shout that you can use WordPress. However there are a lot of options and considerations with choosing between the different Content Management Systems. One good option that we are going to discuss here is Concrete 5 hosting. This is a popular CMS which is

Hosting Utrecht Amsterdam

Hosting Utrecht Amsterdam Do you want to set up a new website and are you looking for affordable hosting for that? Do you live in Utrecht or Amsterdam and are you looking for local hosting? Then is the right place for you. We provide local hosting Utrecht and local hosting Amsterdam. This way you can be sure that your data stays safe. Because all our data is hosted locally in the Netherlands. Looking for Hosting Utrecht or Hosting Amsterdam? If you want to get a new website

Maintenance servers night from 4-7 to 5-7

Maintenance servers night from 4-7 to 5-7 Maintenance during the night of July 4 2017 (Tuesday) to July 5 2017 (Wednesday) At we strive to always stay current and ensure that we can offer you our customer the best experience possible. To ensure the stability of our services this requires maintenance. This week the administrators of will start working again in the data center in Amsterdam. As with all scheduled maintenance we will do this deep into

Rent a waste container

Rent a waste container When you are going to renovate or have another job that involves a lot of waste you need a waste container. Dutch legislation is quite strict about waste and therefore it is important to rent a waste container for large amounts of junk and debris. In addition you are also not allowed to just rent one container and dump all your wood rubble old furniture or other demolition waste in here - as each type of waste needs a special container for this. At Mijncontainerpartner you