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What is hosting

What is hosting? Hosting is making your website available on the Internet. as webhost takes care of this. We have our servers on the internet node in Amsterdam. This way your website can be loaded very quickly all over the world. Besides the speed of the hosting it is also important that you have an extensive specification possibility. This allows you to put everything that is needed for your website on our hosting. For example you have the latest PHP and ASP.NET versions

Email and hosting

Email and Hosting One of the topics that still causes a lot of confusion for beginning (and sometimes more experienced) webmasters is the topic of email and hosting. When you choose to host with a company do you automatically get an email account with the address ( And if so how does it work? If you have any of these questions - or any other question about email and hosting you can find the answer below! Do you automatically get an email address when you apply for

Nice jobs in the summer

Nice jobs in the summer Summer is coming and with the warm weather chances are you've got a fun DIY project planned for these summer months as well. Maybe you are going to renovate your house or build a new terrace? Or who knows you might choose to give your garden a new look. Whatever job you have planned for this summer one thing is certain: Where there is work there is waste. And for most odd jobs a simple trash can won't do. So you need a good container for all the chore waste. Fortunately

Moving websites

Moving websites Moving a website hosting to can be done in an easy way. The way can be divided into a few steps. Namely: Make a backup of all your files and databases (including all data in the wwwroot or public_html) Make sure all your mail data is backed up locally Request the move code Place the order at Place the backup of the files and database with us on your hosting space Create the mail accounts and import the mail After these steps have been

Register your domain

What should you look for when registering a domain? This is a question that many customers ask themselves when you are about to register a domain. In fact it is important to pay attention to this. After all you depend on the domain name for many things with your hosting. How easily can people remember it? Is it not too long etc. So there is a laundry list of points you need to check before you can finally register your domain name. Let's start with a little summary. So what is a domain name? A

Your own email address

Your own email address In the times we live in almost everyone has their own email address. Logical too because for almost every site nowadays you need a different account. Even for a purchase on a simple website you won't get far without an email address. Many people in the Netherlands use the standard Hotmail Gmail or work email client for their email. If you are curious about what the most common forms of email address are or what the difference is between POP or IMAP for your email application

301 vs 302 redirect

301 and 302 redirect which one are you using? Redirecting a website is done often and in many different ways. When you register a domain name with hosting it is important to register a number of variations as well. This is not only useful to protect your domain and thus your brand but also to build your own network to get higher in the ranking. Linking a website can be done in several ways. The most common ways are 301 and 302 redirects. The difference between the two is that a 301 creates a permanent

Add sitemap

Is a Sitemap important? A sitemap is a collection of your entire website on a link basis. It's important to create this for your website so you can more easily pass along to search engines where all your pages and content are. Think of it as a table of contents for a book but instead of chapters you see all the links from your site. The benefits of a Sitemap Google indexes websites with a sitemap up to 5 times faster than websites without one. This ensures that you will have your changes on search

What is a cms

What is a CMS If you want to have your own website you've probably seen the acronym CMS hundreds of times. CMS stands for Content Management System and this refers to the computer application that allows you to create digital content for your hosting. Often a CMS allows you to have several users working together on a single project. Because there are so many different functions that you can do with a CMS in this article we will give you a short overview of what exactly you can do with a CMS. Then