Rent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris container


Roof container rental

Are you going to renovate the roof of your house or garden house and you want to rent a container? Did you know that also has special roof containers? For 247 euro ex vat you already have a 3m3 container at your disposal. For this price will take care of all your waste and process it in a sustainable way into new products. We do not dump anything! So you get rid of your waste in a responsible way. These roof containers are suitable for the following

Add PayPal

PayPal is easy to install on your website. Whether it is for a donation button or a shopping cart. Read the following article how to set this up on your website.

Security of your Wordpress or Joomla site

In the past few weeks at least 2 000 Wordpress and Joomla websites have been hacked again around the world. This particular virus infects the website with ransomware for site visitors. Do not let this happen to you! Always make sure you have the latest updates for both your Wordpress or Joomla version and all your plugins and extensions. To read more about what steps you can apply to keep your site as safe as possible on our hosting from

ASP NET Core 1 0 packages now available!

You may have already seen it, we have new web hosting packages at!We have started ASP.NET Core 1.0 hosting packages to give you the latest features for your ASP.NET site.Starting from € 1.99 ex vat per month.To see all specifications and options in a row:

Powerbank action

To usher in the summer, we have a new promotion from You can win one of the 5600mAh powerbanks!So you can charge your cell phone wherever you are, whether it is on the beach, on the road or on vacation.As always, all you have to do is 'like' our page on Facebook . More information about this promotion can be found on our website.

Workspace in the cloud

What exactly does a workplace in the cloud at entail?We explain this in more detail in the following demo video. the server version used for this video is the standard. Windows server 2012 is also available.

Winners Facebook action!

The winners of the speakers are known!The lucky ones are:- Marcel de Jong- Wesley van der Ende- Edwin Braamhaar- Frank Tamminga- Alvie BhailalContact us via chat or on the page. Then we will send them to you. And we wish you lots of fun with the speakers!

Website Statistics

There are several tools available that can be used to monitor the traffic on your website. In this blog post we are going to cover about three of these tools. This way you will get more insight of the traffic on your website. For example you can use these tools to see which page is working and which is not. This way you can make sure that your conversion rate is as high as possible. You can track visitors to your website using one of the tools below: Statistics site of With

Speed of your website

In this blog post we want to draw attention to an article created today. Namely the following article: This article covers the steps and tools you can use to make your website faster. Speed of a website is becoming increasingly important the Google page rank is already determined by this.Several studies have also shown that a large percentage of visitors also leave the site when the loading takes too long. In the