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Webmail layout mutilated since 21-08-2014

Dear Customer,Due to an unannounced template change the webmail layout is mutilated since today. An update will be installed that will fix this but in the meantime please follow the steps mentioned in the announcement on our website to get rid of this problem. apologize for the inconvenience.

Announcement of emergency maintenance 1607 on 1707

Dear Customer We need to perform emergency maintenance on certain servers. This maintenance will commence around noon tonight and end around 03:00. The following servers will have some downtime. Webservers: S066 - S074 - S075 - S077 -S078 - S079 - S080 - S081 -S087 (short maintenance at most one hour) All MS SQL Servers (longer maintenance three hours at most) Web Servers: S023 - S025 -S028 (longer maintenance three hours at most) We will try to complete the work as quickly as possible so that you

Failure Telecity (Datacenter)

Due to the failure of a complete range of ip addresses at our data center in Telecity, part of our server park was unavailable for a period of approximately five minutes. This is not a problem caused by but by the datacenter itself. What exactly caused this downtime is still being investigated by Telecity. We apologize for the inconvenience. For any questions you can always send an email to

Free Hosting for Life - Share and Win!

After the success of the spring promotion we at have come up with something different. This summer we will raffle off a lifetime of free hosting. And everyone who likes our Facebook page will participate. You do not even have to be a customer to have a chance to win this amazing prize! There are no catches behind this prize except that it is not transferable to anyone else and only the winner may use the hosting space (Total package including .nl/.be/.eu domain name) according

(Web) mail slow!

Dear customer, at the moment there is abuse of and on our mail servers causing mail to be very slow and it seems like it is not working. Our technical staff is working hard to solve this and we apologize for the inconvenience. No mail will be lost, it will only be offered later. We are working on a structural solution for such situations. If you have any questions you can always create a ticket via the customer panel.

Change of Google Adwords Policy
MijnHostingPartner would like to inform you about certain changes in the Adwords policy. Around September a new and improved policy center for AdWords will be launched. This is aimed at making the AdWords policy more user friendly accessible and appealing to advertisers and users. One can expect the following: - Fewer and simpler AdWords policies - More transparency into why we have each policy in place - More insight into how a policy can affect your ads In the coming months you as a user may

Resolved: Malfunction MySQL 1

The MySQL 1 server outage has been resolved. All services related to MySQL 1 are working again.If you still have questions, please contact us.We apologize for the inconvenience.

Malfunction MySQL 1

There is currently an outage going on with one of our MySQL 1 servers. This may explain why your website is not functioning. Our technical team is handling the problem and will try to solve it as soon as possible. More information about this issue can be found in the announcements on the website of A direct link to this page is: Our apologies for the inconvenience.

EU domain name permanently reduced in price!

A few days ago we were officially accredited by EURID to register .EU domain names. Because of this fact you could register an EU domain name at for only € 2.50 excl. Although this action was only valid for a few days it was a huge success and we have decided to lower the price of the EU domain name permanently just like the .NL and .BE domain names. From May 1st an EU domain name will cost € 5.94 excl. This price reduction applies not only to new customers but also