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WordPress is now used by 41 percent of all websites

That WordPress is popular won't be new information to most thanks to the latest report from W3 we can now see the extent to which it is being used. A website without a content management system is often unthinkable. And the go-to solution for many remains WordPress for now. Let's take a closer look at that in this blog post.WordPress was one of the first blogging systems to emerge in 2003. With the goal of making blogging and creating blog websites possible for everyone. With its evolution over

The next step for your hobby trade on social media
MijnHostingPartner hosts many different types of company club and hobby websites. If you are busy on social media with a passion project you might want to think about setting up a website to sell your products. In this blog post we'll show you some of the steps and how you can benefit from them.A lot of people have started a side project lately because they've been sitting at home more and losing their steady income due to Covid restructuring. And all the other reasons that came along with it.

Sell domains or websites

A website or domain name with history and content is worth something in most cases. When you lose the motivation for a domain name or website you can simply let it expire. Or you can try to sell it to another party. Let's cover how this works and how you can get started.Websites and domain names are in a lot of cases still worth a certain amount of money. This varies greatly and has to do with the content on it. In which niche it is located. Whether this is a website that can be taken over by another

Comments on your blog are still useful

On many blogs this was the place where users came together discussed asked questions and shared encouragement. But does it still make sense to enable this on your blog in 2021? That's the question we'll address in this article.While a blog used to be the place where people gathered for their hobbies and interests in 2021 this will have shifted to the various social media channels. Facebook Instagram Twitter or Reddit all have tags or communities to follow. Discussions will be held on these channels

Give a forgotten website a boost

As your portfolio of websites grows it's possible that some of them will be forgotten. In this blog post we'll explain how you can give those websites a boost in performance security and Google ranking again. Let's get started.If you run your own business or manage a website for a single company your portfolio often remains limited to website hosting and a single hosting package. However if you are a webmaster who manages different types of websites in different industries. Then you will always

Automatic UBL import now possible from the customer panel
MijnHostingPartner has been working with its own customer panel for a long time we have been using it since 2021 and our customers are happy with it and so are we. One of the big advantages is that we can now actually add improvements and features of things we and you think are important. Like easily importing UBL invoices to automate this in most accounting programs. Let us explain how this works in the client panel and how you can use it!UBL stands for Universal Business Language and is the

ClouDNS what advantages does this bring
MijnHostingPartner and all its partners have had a global DNS solution for some time now which puts us ahead of the competition in this area. In cooperation with ClouDNS we have achieved this and would like to explain in this blog post what advantages this may have for your DNS.What is DNS?DNS makes sure people can reach you with your email address enter the domain name for your website instead of an IP address. And a number of verification methods such as Google Search Console. With a DNS record

Increase conversion through urgency

Internet marketing will always be a part that needs attention on many levels the same goes for improving conversion rates. With a higher conversion rate you get more out of your existing visitors to your website you sell more and therefore you can do more. Advertise more invest more in specific plans that work or hire more staff. It all depends on how many visitors you get and how many of them you convert into paying customers. In this article we will try to explain some tips that you can use to

Find new keywords for your website

After you've launched your website and completed the basics you can start creating pages that target different keywords to rank for. This can be a challenge to get started: Where do you focus? And is it better to include keywords on the main pages? Or is it better to use keywords in deeper pages like a blog post? We will answer these questions in this blog post.Finding new keywords is sometimes difficult because for many industries there are already many others before you with years of content and