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How much does your own website cost per year?

Having your own website is often the first step for many entrepreneurs whether you want to set up a webshop to offer your services or products. You want to create a beautiful portfolio to attract more customers or start a sophisticated blog about your adventures. With your own website you have a blank canvas on which to create your artwork. But what is the annual cost of setting up and maintaining your own website? That's what we'll cover in this blog post. The cost unpacked hosting and domain

Two-factor authentication at MijnHostingPartner

Security always remains an important and necessary point it is up to you to also take the necessary steps and measures to ensure security. Two-factor authentication is an important part of this. In this blog post we'll explain exactly what that means and where you can set it all up as part of's services. Activate your two-factor authentication for the customer panel now using the path below!

Vertical videos are the new trend

The vertical video format is nothing new of course but it has gained popularity in recent years and especially last year with the introduction of YouTube Shorts. And existing networks like Instagram and TikTok. In this blog post we'll take a look at the pros and cons of these options and how you can use them to promote your website. Social media is used by almost everyone. The percentage of users who don't have a social media account is so small that it's often not your target audience. Vertical

What is the difference between domain names and hosting?

Beginners may still not fully understand the difference between a domain name and the hosting that goes with it. In this blog post we want to explain this and make it understandable for anyone who wants to create their own website for their business or hobby project. What is a domain name? A domain name is your address on the internet just like any other website you visit regularly be it or your favorite social media site. These all have a domain name under which they can be

What is the cost of hosting a website?

The cost of hosting a website depends on a number of factors. At we have put together an affordable package for you to get started with right away. In this blog post we will look at the options and costs of these products! The first cost of hosting a website the domain name. A domain name is your address on the Internet a domain name that you are free to choose and register yourself. As long as it has not been registered by another party. So remember your domain name and

What is a house style?

As soon as you start a business you are confronted with a variety of concepts and terms corporate identity is one of them. In this blog we want to discuss what exactly this can mean and how you can design and set this up on your website. Starting a business means taking on a lot of responsibilities not only to get your first customers but also to set up a long list of rules and be legally correct. The relatively easy part is to create a website and take the first steps to offer your services or

Security and support for free themes in WordPress

The thousands of free themes available within WordPress are one of the biggest enticements to the content management system. With these thousands of free themes you can make sure that your website looks modern sleek and includes the features that are important to you in no time. From a beautiful layout for a freelancer portfolio to the perfect blog for all your stories. A free theme combined with WordPress which itself is free to use with an affordable hosting package from

Different types of free WordPress themes

Once you have decided to create a website with your favorite content management system WordPress your next step can be to create the design and layout of your website. You can easily install it with a content management system like WordPress and others and most importantly download it for free. Let's take a look at how to find your template or theme and how to use it safely. WordPress is known for its ease of use especially for everyday tasks like content creation and design. Getting your website

What can you achieve by registering a domain name?
MijnHostingPartner offers you the possibility to register just one domain name in addition to our package deal. There are a number of reasons why you should do this which we will cover in this blog post. A domain name is the first step that often follows the creation of a business or vision on the Internet. With a domain name you establish your place on the Internet and others can easily find you by simply typing a domain name into the address bar. However just registering a domain name doesn't