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New search engine from the makers of Brave

There are many different search engines you can use to find the information you are looking for on the internet. The lord and master of this is of course Google which controls more than 95 percent of the search engine share and not only in the Netherlands. But almost every country. So does a new search engine still have a chance to get on the map? Let's discuss this in this blog post.Search engines are known to everyone which first started as startup sites that everyone used. This has grown into

Restoring a Web Site from a Backup

We always recommend creating backups of your hosting space but how does actually restoring a website from a backup file work? We'll explain that in more detail in this blog post. We will discuss what files you may be facing and how it works to restore them.A website may need to be restored from a backup for many different reasons. This can be due to human error like deleting a page or post. Or due to the installation of an incorrect update. Restoring a backup may also be necessary if you change

Editing website files

If you're starting out with your first website or you're already an experienced webmaster you'll eventually come across opening and editing website files. Whether you want to make a quick change in the HTML or you need to check the wp-config.php in your content management system like WordPress . In this article we'll show you the easiest way to access and use these files. Let's get started!For many different reasons every now and then you need a text editor specifically for viewing and editing code.

Speed of your website, how to test it

The speed of a website is not only important for the visitor but also for the ranking in various search engines. With a good score in various speed tests you will not only have a better ranking but also a better conversion by satisfying your customers on the website.A website simply has a huge list of technologies and third party resources that all need to be loaded on your website. To give an example of all the resources that need to be loaded a typical WordPress website may use the following resources:

What Google website tools are indispensable to use

With a website you can always use many different tools to achieve your goals. Whether this is a number of visitors a fast website or a good position within the various search engines. brings you in this article a number of essential tools including Google that you should set up and use for your website! Let's start.A website has many different purposes do you want to put your business on the map? Do you want to attract a new client thanks to your brilliant portfolio website

Interview mit HostingAdvice
MijnHostingPartner is happy to announce that we recently had an interview with Hosting Advice. Hosting Advice is an American organization that describes evaluates and helps aspiring webmasters learn how to host their own websites. They also provide a large amount of tips and tricks that you can use for your website and its hosting. With their team of editors and technicians they know how to put information in a new light. And turn corners that others may miss.Customers of

Setting up your email account within external mail providers

With the mail services of we also have the possibility to add your email address to external services and providers. For example with or the former Microsoft Live addresses. And also within Gmail / Google Mail. This has the advantage that your email address is always available in the same place that you use for other email addresses. However this has a number of other advantages and disadvantages which we will explain in this blog post. Read on for more information

Get your website indexed correctly by search engines

Creating a website and then indexing it properly is a job for larger websites with the hosting of we would like to give you some tips on how to do this easily. Let's start with the tips on how to properly index your website.Search engines like Google Bing and DuckDuckGo can index your website quickly and easily these days. However there are a number of steps you can take to improve your website's ranking and get it indexed the right way. With the following steps you will know

Conversion of new ideas and developments into content on your website

Every website needs content this can come in many different shapes and sizes. However it is necessary to pay some attention to how you implement this from an idea to content on your website. We would like to give you some tips in this article!A website needs content to convince customers to avail your services buy a product or make a conversion on your website. With a blog post or an informative text you can describe a product and inspire customers to take action. The same goes for creating a video