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Security of your Email accounts

With a company email account you want to be sure that your email messages are not on the street. That's why we at have taken measures to ensure that your email is and stays safe. Read all about it in this blog post!Email is and remains an important means of communication for anyone working on a website and even for daily use. With an email address from you can be assured that your email really stays in your hands. You pay us for the email service and therefore

Discover your most popular page and tag

Determining the most popular page and day on your website can help you figure out what's working and what's not about your articles and your internet marketing performance. In this article we'll show you how to determine your most popular day of the week and your most popular page. Let's get started.A website can have a most popular day of the week for many different reasons. With a website there are many ways to drive traffic to a website. By far the most desirable is from the Google search network.

What does the time on the page tell you within Google Analytics

Within Google Analytics there are a number of statistics that are very important for measuring the success of your website. The number of visitors where they came from today and how long they stay on the page with what action. In this article we'll focus on what time on page can mean. Let's get started!With a website you can have a lot of different goals you can use it to try to attract more visitors to your physical store. Advertising on the internet or simply entertaining with a blog or entertainment

Fix duplicate content issues in WordPress

Duplicate content is for example an article or category that exists twice on your website. Duplicate content is seen as something negative by Google. It can cause your hard work on a page or article to be nullified by being penalized. And thus not appearing in Google's search results or only appearing far down. Here's how to quickly fix the most common WordPress hosting issues!WordPress makes it easy to create a website for anyone. You can always find a solution quickly thanks to its simple interface

Technical questions and terms in the field of hosting and web design

In this blog post we'll go back to basics for a moment and describe how you as a beginner can quickly get to grips with the various terms and concepts used every day in web hosting and web design. Let's start with our list of things you can master quickly!As a budding webmaster or person managing a website you may have to deal with many different types of branches to dive into. This can be challenging at first but with the right foundation it can also be an easy process. Don't try to learn and understand

WordPress is now used by 41 percent of all websites

That WordPress is popular won't be new information to most thanks to the latest report from W3 we can now see the extent to which it is being used. A website without a content management system is often unthinkable. And the go-to solution for many remains WordPress for now. Let's take a closer look at that in this blog post.WordPress was one of the first blogging systems to emerge in 2003. With the goal of making blogging and creating blog websites possible for everyone. With its evolution over

The next step for your hobby trade on social media
MijnHostingPartner hosts many different types of company club and hobby websites. If you are busy on social media with a passion project you might want to think about setting up a website to sell your products. In this blog post we'll show you some of the steps and how you can benefit from them.A lot of people have started a side project lately because they've been sitting at home more and losing their steady income due to Covid restructuring. And all the other reasons that came along with it.

Sell domains or websites

A website or domain name with history and content is worth something in most cases. When you lose the motivation for a domain name or website you can simply let it expire. Or you can try to sell it to another party. Let's cover how this works and how you can get started.Websites and domain names are in a lot of cases still worth a certain amount of money. This varies greatly and has to do with the content on it. In which niche it is located. Whether this is a website that can be taken over by another

Comments on your blog are still useful

On many blogs this was the place where users came together discussed asked questions and shared encouragement. But does it still make sense to enable this on your blog in 2021? That's the question we'll address in this article.While a blog used to be the place where people gathered for their hobbies and interests in 2021 this will have shifted to the various social media channels. Facebook Instagram Twitter or Reddit all have tags or communities to follow. Discussions will be held on these channels