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6 tips for new bloggers

Blog websites are a creative way to share your work or content for businesses blogs are important and for other purposes. With a blog you can attract people to your products or to your website to show ads or offers. Here are 6 tips for new bloggers.With a blog website you can share information in an interactive way writing content is an important way to give your website authority. And of course to grab visitors for further action. With starting a blog you may have many questions. In this blog post

Start using Google Web stories

As long as you are involved in online marketing you hear all kinds of things about yet another new platform that can be used. Google Web Stories is the latest topic that is already known in various circles. Google's own new channel appears in search results news and Discover. In this article we will show you the possibilities.Google Web Stories is a channel that can be seen in a lot of other Google services. Unfortunately it is not yet visible in the Dutch search results. So for now they are only

Domain management in the new customer panel

In our new customer panel which is coming up a lot of things have been given a huge overhaul. In the domain and DNS management we have a few big changes. We will explain them in more detail in this blog post.With a large domain portfolio being able to manage the DNS of a domain name is an important item to consider. When our customers needed to manage a large number of domains via the control panel we often got complaints that the speed was not good and that you lost track of the number of domains.In

Safely updating a WordPress website

With a WordPress website you run into updates. Updating itself keeps your website secure and supports the latest technology and developments. But how do you do this in a safe way? We'll show you in this blog post.Every website you create in almost every way needs to be updated periodically. You can do this in a large number of ways. The WordPress Content Management System makes this easy for you. In most cases you can update to the latest version of a theme plugin or WordPress Core version with

Where do your website visitors come from

It is sometimes difficult to come up with new ways to track where your website visitors are coming from and how to track this. That's why we cover it in this article.A website can attract a lot of visitors often it happens that suddenly one post attracts much more attention than another. It is important to know where those visitors come from as well as how they got to your website. There are a number of well-known channels that are used to promote your content. Let's brush up on these again and

Adding links to your website

Links are an important part of the Internet in general. Hyperlinks allow you to ensure that a link opens in a new tab and much more. Let's cover them in this blog post.With a link you can ensure that visitors on your website are directed to an important landing page continue reading in another interesting article or convert further. With most Content Management Systems you can easily add links to an article page or directly on the website. With these tips from the article you can learn which links

Why a Content Management System is Important

A Content Management System or CMS for short is important for many reasons. It makes things easier such as publishing content designing your website and keeping up with the latest technology. In this blog post we will explain how a CMS is important for your website as well.With a Content Management System you make everyday things easier not only for yourself but also for others who also work on your website and your colleagues. You can process orders with a web shop solution write a blog without

Bounce rate what is it and how do you deal with it

Bounce rate is a metric or statistic from various Analytics tools like Google Analytics that give you an insight how visitors are interacting with your website. But what is it exactly and how can you improve it? And should you want to improve it? We will discuss this in more detail in this blog post.When launching a website whether it's a blog or a company website there are a lot of things to take into account. For example a goal might be to get the first thousand visitors to your website. Or to

Online backup space for all your files

You need an online backup for a lot of different projects. For personal use to store all your family photos and for business use to make sure you can always get back. In this blog post we will show you some of the options that we at have available.So there are a lot of different purposes for an online backup no matter if you want to store the daily photos you take for personal use in a safe place. Or whether you need to save the latest version of a website to a second location.