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Setting readable URLs within WordPress

An important item for SEO or Search Engine Optimization that is often overlooked on WordPress websites is setting readable URLs. In this blog post we will cover how to set this and what benefit it has.Search engine optimization is often an important part of creating and maintaining a website. With the right tips and tricks you can make sure that your WordPress website will be ranked higher in search engines. And that you attract more visitors to your website. Who arrive at your website with the

Google Analytics 4 update

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used methods to track how your website or application is performing. With the latest update a new property has been added where a few things are different. Let's cover this in this blog post.There are a number of other parties that are also suitable for tracking your website statistics we have also covered some of them at our knowledge base. However Google Analytics is used the most because of its many features and insights. And since almost everyone uses

Adding YouTube to your website

YouTube can be a valuable channel for marketing your website and engaging customers in a way other than just written text. This way you can ensure that your information or product can be discovered in a new way.There are a lot of advantages to creating YouTube videos for your website. You can easily create YouTube videos in a lot of different ways. And they can be embedded on your website itself or further developed on your YouTube channel. Let's discover how this works and what steps you can take.Create

MariaDB coming soon

At we have a long history with hosting MySQL databases and hosting MS- SQL databases. Soon we will also launch the possibility to host MariaDB databases on our total packages.After many requests from customers to make these databases available and also our own interest in this we have been working in the background for a while to realize this and make it available. MariaDB has a number of major advantages over MySQL and we are therefore pleased to add it to our arsenal.History

Learn more about Spoofing and Phishing on email addresses

Everyone has encountered this whether it was with a mail account from or another email account. Phishing and Spoofing emails. In this blog post we will explain what steps you can take to prevent this.Messages that come in can quickly add up for a company or personal account. If you have an email address listed on a website or public source this can be the source of a lot of SPAM Spoofing and Phishing. In this article we will explain how you can recognize and prevent this. We

A Backup for the road and home

With mobile work on a website for your own business or for your employer you may still be working in many places. Whether you're on the move on the train visiting clients in a coworking space or just working in the office. A backup is necessary to make for everyone. With the software of this is effortless and fast.Whether you are working on the road in the office or on vacation. A secure backup not only saves you a lot of worries but also ensures that human errors or mistakes

Start using Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to display ads on your website. This can often be a nice addition to your blog website or informative website to get an income from this or often pay the hosting fees. This way you can share your hobby with your visitors and not depend on donations.Signing up for Google AdSense and then applying the code to your website is a process that requires some explanation. That's why in this blog post we will explain how you can apply this to the hosting of

Installing applications with the Web App gallery

There are a large number of Applications that you can install in the hosting space using the Web App Gallery at In this blog post we will give you an overview of them and how to work with them.The Web App Gallery was created to make it easy to install Applications in the hosting space. Applications is of course a broad term we use for this this is because the range of Applications that can be installed via the Web App Gallery is also diverse. The most popular applications

Add Google Search Console

Adding a website to Google Search Console is an easy step we explain this process in a little more detail in this blog post. And what you can do with Google Search Console.With Google Search console you have many advantages for you as a webmaster. You can see which pages perform best and where there is still room for improvement. This way you can grow your website and make steps towards improvement. The only thing you need when creating Google Search Console is a Google account and access to the