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Hosting jargon explained

If you are a layman you may well hear a few difficult words about the helpdesk. Often this is jargon or in other words technical language. Because many of these terms can be quite complicated we are going to cover them in this blog post. In this blog post we are going to go through what the most important terms in the hosting world are. CMS Perhaps one of the most common terms you will hear is the word CMS. This stands for Content Management System and is a system that allows you to manage your

How do I prevent malfunctions on my website

Your website is important many people earn their living with it. For this reason you should always prevent as much downtime as possible. If you have regular downtime you will eventually lose customers. Of course you always want to prevent this if possible. In this blog post we will discuss what you can do to prevent downtime as much as possible. Always online Many people expect that their website is always available but this is not always realistic. Reaching an uptime of 100% is not possible and

Help, my website is slow

Speed is very important in the world of websites and web hosting. After all people are used to everything being lightning fast and will also leave quickly if it is too slow. It is therefore important that you ensure at all times that your website runs well and fast. Besides choosing SSD hosting for example you also need to perform optimization. Because it is so important that your website is fast in this blog post we will discuss what exactly you can do to speed up your website. Images Most people

Backing up MacBook

To backup a Macbook you have many options at we offer you a simple tool at your disposal that does all this automatically for you. So if you are on the road a lot with your MacBook and you want to backup your files and data the best thing you can do is use the tool from tool gives you the opportunity to set everything up once so that all your files and sensitive data are not only safely stored. But also in multiple locations around the world. With the

DNS records explained

DNS records explained Every domain name uses DNS records the DNS records make sure that visitors are properly directed to your website. Most people who use Hosting will not need to make any further adjustments. However it is important to know what your DNS records do exactly. Therefore in this blog post we are going to go through what your DNS records mean and how you can change them if necessary. What are DNS records Before we explain what your DNS records do exactly it is important to know what

How do I create a newsletter?

If you have your own web shop organization or sports club then you probably use a newsletter. You can easily inform everyone or make announcements through the mail that everyone receives. When people agree to this you can even use it to promote new products or offers. You can use this to boost sales for your products but how do you do this exactly? In this blog post we're going to go over how best to send newsletters to your customers. Also keep in mind any mail limitations of your hosting. Formatting

Launching for every Online Cloud Backup
MijnHostingPartner is proud to launch its latest partner called the place for your online cloud backup. With this partner we launch backup services suitable for both companies and individuals. One place for all your backup files for your sensitive business information your family pictures or everything in between. Let's dive a little deeper into exactly what this service can offer you and how it works. What exactly is an Online Cloud backup service? An online cloud backup is

Securing my online business

In our previous blog post we went over how you can easily bring your own business online. After you have brought your business online you also need to maintain your website and this includes security. Because security is so important in this blog post we are going to go over exactly what you can do to make your website more secure. SSL certificate It is important for your visitors to be able to access your website over a secure connection. This is why it is important that you have an SSL certificate

Bring your own business online!

If you have your own business it is nowadays only normal to have your own website. Most things nowadays are bought online. It can be difficult to start your own store because you have to put a lot of work into it. To help you on your way we are going to go through in this blog post how you can best start creating a website. Hosting To run your own website online you need an environment where you can do this this is called hosting. This is where you get your own environment where you can place your