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Container for relocation

Container for relocation

Container for relocation

Container when movingWhen

you move house, a lot of old stuff always comes up when you empty the old house. Often you do not want to take all this stuff with you when you move to a bigger or smaller house. There are a number of options for getting rid of this. You can rent a trailer or an estate box and drive it up and down to the dump. But you will spend a lot of time doing this and will incur extra costs as well. When you move house it can get quite chaotic. So why not make it easy on yourself? Have
a container from MijnContainerPartner .nl delivered at your doorstep to throw everything away. Ordered before 4 o'clock on a weekday, it will be delivered the next working day! And did you know that also has a day service? That is delivered in the morning and collected in the evening. So you do not have a container that stands in the way.
The choice of container depends on what kind of waste you will be disposing of the most. The choice usually lands on a Bulky Waste container. This can hold almost anything you might encounter in your old home.
A selection of what may be thrown away in a bulky waste container is:
• Bulky waste / Household goods• Rubble
, concrete, bricks• Plaster• Wood•

Paper/cardboard• Plastics As
you can see, household items are also allowed in here.
This includes everything you encounter in the kitchen or in your home. No more long dragging and packing and unpacking, just dump it in the container of We recycle 99% of what is thrown away in the container so you do not have to worry about it all being thrown away for nothing. If
you have a question about the container you can always come to the online chat of The colleagues on the chat can help you quickly to inform you about the size of the container and other questions.
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