Rent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris containerRent a waste container | Rent a debris container

ICM Rent a waste container

ICM Rent a waste container

ICM Rent a waste container

ICM Rent a waste container

Garbage management is of great importance in every public and private environment For this purpose there are various containers that ensure efficient waste disposal. Now if you want to clean up your garden, or house you can rent a dumpster from us. If you are going to renovate your house, there is always waste involved, and we have containers for rent for that too.

A container service is therefore important for the smooth running of your project. Which container is most suitable for you depends on the period of time needed to complete the project, how big the project is, and what materials will be disposed of. A good dumpster service will deliver the right dumpster in a timely manner. This will prevent you from having to deal with unnecessary stress while working.

Usually the container is rented for a week. Some container rental companies do shorter or longer rentals depending on the nature of your project. No matter how big the project, we can handle your waste, with the most appropriate dumpster.

What does renting a dumpster cost?

In addition to the length of the rental period, the amount and weight of debris, is also a consideration in determining the price. If you plan to renovate a larger space or several rooms in your home, you should definitely rent a larger dumpster. The rates are clearly indicated on our site, so you know approximately what your project may cost. If you have any questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be happy to help you determine the right container size for your project. The rental price should include delivery and removal of the container.

Where do you place the container?

Because of the size of the dumpsters and the equipment needed to deliver them, it is important to determine in advance where the dumpster will be placed. If you place the container under a window, it is easy to put the junk in. If your space is limited to a driveway or garage, you may need to order a smaller container. The best way to find out which dumpster is best for you is to contact our company directly.

What waste can and can't be disposed of?

Many dumpster service companies have strict rules about the types of waste you want to dispose of. Hazardous materials and substances are not allowed, nor is the mixing of household goods with building materials, for example. If you plan to clean up both indoors and outdoors, you should order two separate containers. These large metal containers work well for bulky items, such as plaster and wood, or heavy materials such as rocks and dirt.

Do you keep your project tidy?

To prevent the rented container from causing a nuisance to your surroundings, with all the unpleasant consequences that may follow, it is advisable to take the necessary hygienic precautions. A tarpaulin over the container is a good idea. Keep the area around the container clean, by sweeping it neatly daily.