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Trailer or a container

Trailer or a container

Trailer or a container

Why a construction waste container and not a trailer?

With a remodel you have 2 options for the waste, either you go back and forth to the dump every time with your trailer loaded with debris. Or you rent a container that will be placed in front of your door. With a house renovation you will have to drive back and forth. Often you don't do this on your own but in pairs. What this creates is that on balance you spend 2 hours each time processing the waste.

This is obviously not efficient if you want to finish the job within a weekend. Therefore, renting a dumpster is a smart plan to be able to get it done faster. You can have it placed under a window by our drivers when you are working upstairs. This way, you can throw everything down through the window to save climbing stairs. Depending on your aiming skills, you also have to do minimal sweeping afterwards! Just as easy.

With a 6 m3 building container you can dispose of a lot of waste for a low price. At we have made the costs as clear as possible. All prices are all-in and without further ado. For a fixed price, we deliver the container and it can then be left for eight weeks. After you're done with chores you can send us a pickup request through the customer panel. We will pick it up the next working day. Ordered before four o'clock, it will be delivered the next working day. Also the collection and processing of the waste is included in the price.

Just pay attention to the list of materials that are allowed in the container. When there is waste in there that does not belong, we cannot process it properly. This is of course very important if you recycle 90% of the waste.

So the choice is yours, do you want to use a trailer and go to the dump or do you want to get all your waste handled without more hassle?

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