My bin is late, now what? is an intermediary and does business with several carriers. Despite the fact that we try to handle the order as good as possible, it can sometimes go wrong. For example, an order can't get through to the carrier or the carrier with whom we do business can't give a delivery time. In the latter case, it could happen that you indicate during the order that you want the container delivered in the morning, but the carrier in question does not plan to deliver until the afternoon.

Despite the fact that we are vigilant and in such cases still try to get the order delivered as quickly as possible, this sometimes goes wrong. Because is an intermediary and therefore has no direct control over these situations, cannot be held responsible. The prices on the site are already at the cutting edge and possible concessions are therefore no longer possible. In such cases, we offer our sincere apologies and you may cancel the order. We will then refund your money.

If your bin is not delivered on the same day then you can still cancel the order and get your money back, provided there is no force majeure.

By force majeure we mean for example:

- The driver is in a traffic jam

- Equipment failure (flat tire, engine trouble, etc)

- Truck can not place the container due to obstructions

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