Who is responsible for any permits?

You must apply for any permits from the relevant authorities.

If you want to demolish or remove asbestos, in many cases you will need an "environmental permit for demolition activity". Such a permit is required to protect public order and safety and to prevent unwanted demolition. The permit is issued by the municipality, which may lay down further rules in a municipal bye-law. These specify, for example, when a demolition permit is required and when a notification is sufficient.

There are three cases in which a demolition permit is required in any case:

  • If demolition results in the production of more than 10 m3 of demolition waste, you must always apply for an "environmental permit for demolition activity".
  • If demolition involves the removal of asbestos, the municipality will ask you to indicate where exactly the asbestos is located. As a rule, you must have an asbestos inventory drawn up by an expert asbestos surveyor.
  • If it involves the demolition of a structure within the protected townscape of Hulst, then you must always apply for an "environmental permit for the demolition of monuments".

No permit required

The Building Regulation, article 8.1.1., paragraph 2, mentions some cases in which you do not need a permit for demolition:

  • If you have to demolish a building on the basis of a summons from the mayor and aldermen;
  • if an estimate of the demolition waste amounts to less than 10 m³ and does not contain asbestos. In that case you do not need to apply for a permit.

These rules apply only to a demolition permit under the Housing Act. If you need a demolition permit under another law, you do need to apply for one.